New year, new drawings!

Hello everyone! How’s 2016 treating you so far? (:

I entered 2016 doing what I love: drawing. Because of some illustration work I didn’t feel like I could take the time off to go out. That’s mainly because I know a night out on new years often results in two days being spent instead of just the one night.

IMG_20151231_204424So this is basically what my new year’s eve looked like. Not too shabby with a glass of wine to accompany me either. Also had a lovely dinner with my family.

IMG_20160101_153547By the end of January 1st  I had completed this mandala (:
Quite happy with the result! Hopefully this will be useful for one of my projects.

20160102_140814I’ve also managed to start my third full page lotus flower design. I have the basic idea for it ready, but I am still very curious about how it’s gonna turn out!

Hopefully 2016 is going to be a good year creative-wise and I will continue to make drawing related work a priority. I think this is the only way to make dreams come true really. We have to make some sacrifices and be willing to work hard (:


Enter 2016!!

As we’re exiting 2015 and entering 2016 I want to take some time to reflect on the year that past. What better way to do that than writing a blog post about it! haha

2015 has been a year of extremes in many ways. There have been some really bad experiences and some really good experiences. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride, and in the end, one that I am very grateful for.

I have searched my phone and MacBook for pictures, looked through my diary for noteworthy events and spent some time thinking through this past year. I’ve tried to put together a quick review of 2015 with highlighted events which I hope will be kinda-sorta entertaining for you to look through as well:

I went into 2015 with the intention of making it a year of renewal and inspiration. Life had been sort of stagnant through out 2014, so I really tried to seek out places and events to find inspiration.

Traveling somewhere outside of your everyday surroundings  is a sure way of getting that fresh breath of inspiration. By the end of January I had ordered a ticket to Japan, a place I hadn’t been to in a looong time.
Oh boy was I excited to go back there!

11080983_10153226168258249_5890480180404031386_nIn 2011 I spent three awesome months in Fukuoka CIty in Japan. In the spring of 2015 I finally had the chance to go back. It was the day right after my 25th birthday in fact! This is a trip I would actually like to speak more about on this blog, so maybe 2016 will be the year for that (:

11036800_10153226166243249_3954619819445784128_n Experiencing spring in Japan is just magical and I am so happy I got to spend this year’s spring under the millions of cherry blossoms whilst enjoying good food with a drink or two.

11133659_10153226169683249_345842586025709342_nThe cherry blossoms bloomed the entire 10 days I was there. By the time I had to leave they had started to fall to the ground.

154559_10153235714178249_1813753396932083793_nI wrote an article about this awesome green roof/garden which is located in the heart of Fukuoka. The article got published in the Norwegian magazine ‘Park & Anlegg’.

In May I decided to make a wholehearted effort with my art and illustration. What an excellent choice, past-self! Over the summer I sold more on my zazzle shop than ever before, which I am certain is due to active promoting and creating new products. Meanwhile I had also started sharing more art on my Instagram, which slowly transitioned from being a purely personal account to an art account.

Summer was dedicated to creating and improving my art.
The days were spent drawing, whether it was inside or outside.

20150518_211528 IMG_20150629_145347

I explored the woods when my eyes got tired from staring at the paper.

20150803_181649Some say the summer of 2015 was poor as the temperature hardly rose above 20 C. Personally I like a slightly chilly summer.

During a midnight walk I stumbled upon my first firefly! It’s hard to see the actual bug, but the unmistakable light it emits made it clear that it had to be a firefly.


The second half of 2015 was a confusing time and had many downs.
One of them was having to say goodbye to this little one:
20150407_075606She lived for 20 years. A long time for a cat to spend on this Earth I suppose, but nonetheless an incredibly heavy loss.

Autumn and winter was a confusing time for reasons I barely understand myself. It was hard to deal with as my mind was a clutter and I had close to zero energy for anything. With that being said, I did get some things done. I made some progress with my drawing and I also started to get a couple of work opportunities. People were showing interest in my art. This was definitely a light in the darkness I was experiencing at the time.

When December came life was starting to go back to normal. The confusion had lifted and inspiration filled its place. Unexpectedly even more opportunities presented them selves for my art as 2015 was coming to an end.

The white snow, which finally came a few days ago (albeit a little late for christmas), is clearing my mind, leaving a blank canvas for 2016. Exciting things has begun to take form because of my art and I am so excited to see where it will take me in 2016.20151230_141532I usually make a list of resolutions for new year’s but this year I’ve decided not to make one. Instead I have but one cheesy goal I aspire to meet: listening to my heart.

Yes, I said it was cheesy :p

How has your year been? Any resolutions for 2016? ❤